Integrated widget and API


Cloud video surveillance as a service

Integrated widget and API

Company: Urbanii Project

Location: Brazil

Business challenge

Urbanii delivers a security social network through a web-based UI, where users can interact and share information using the footage from cameras installed throughout a neighborhood. Urbanii was using local servers and storage which with increased traffic became time-consuming to manage. Urbanii obtained an IT team as well as hired contractors to manage and maintain their growing server load and as a consequence their network costs were growing as well.  Urbanii began to search for a less expensive solution that gave them more control over their servers and storage.

“Urbanii was growing and so were our server storage and IT costs. We needed a secure cloud system solution for less.”  Link to more info (sliding down to the full solution description)

They were looking for a cost saving solution that would be able to work with their currently installed cameras, maintain server traffic load and set up extra redundant video storage.  Urbanii required customizable compatibility with their already developed UI and admin access portal to minimize the impact on the Urbanii’s project current accessibility.


3dEYE provided Urbanii an industry-grade cloud video management system to integrate into its existing social network with minimal investment.  

3dEYE supplied video stream management cloud API access to Urbanii, allowing them to integrate 3dEYE admin/UI functions into their current UI and administration portal. Urbanii can now seamlessly plug in new cameras to their portal and continue to manage existing clients.  3dEYE’s white label solution and integration allowed Urbanii to minimize the changes to their existing UI as well as cut down on costs from managing external contractors and IT teams.  This was doubly true for end users as it was a single sign integration meaning end users only had to sign in to their Urbanii accounts to get access to all 3dEYE features through Urbanii’s existing and familiar UI.  Urbanii was now equipped with cloud storage and redundant security for their data at a lower end cost.

“We turned to 3dEYE for a compatible cloud solution and we got the added benefits of secure redundant data storage and integrated UI/admin features which we were able to customize to fit our UI design.”

3dEYE set up an HTML5 widget and a Mobile App for Urbanii project users to access directly on their website or through their mobile devices making the entire project portable. 3dEYE was setup with no installation costs or hardware costs and is now scalable on demand and prevents any unnecessary upfront overhead expenses in the future for Urbanii.

“3dEYE made it simple to incorporate their features and cloud storage with our preexisting system and switching was inexpensive because there were no hardware and installation costs associated.”

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